Hacker Threatens To Leak My Masturbation Videos

“I have videos of you touching yourself.”

Joseph Mayuyo
3 min readJan 21, 2019


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I open my email to find out what company is going to trick me into buying something I don’t need and read rejection letters from the hundreds of jobs I applied for; days prior. Suddenly, I received an email that was different. It was a threat to be canceled!

At this point, I have less than 48 hours to send $2000 Bitcoin to this “anonymous hacker.” Let’s read the email first and understand why someone might give in to this sort of scam.

Screenshot #1

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. If this hacker really knew me.
They would be so bored because all I do is sit here and literally stare at a blank document all day — looking for some inspiration to get even just a sentence in.

Have I been on some risky websites? Maybe, my friend Jaydee introduced me to this social networking platform called, “Tinychat.” It’s modern-day Skype, but with multiple webcams and strange personalities. Most people who don’t know what Tinychat is, get freaked out. My brother comes into my room and says:

“Why the hell are you all cammed up just staring at each other without talking!”

In fairness, that is pretty weird. The website is still up today. I would check it out if I were you. It’s toxic and full of scammers, but you can find a needle in a haystack once in a while.

Great place to have a conversation with a stranger. This is also why I didn’t believe this email. I have a strict webcam rule. Why I know this is a scam:

Since last August, I prepared myself to undergo what no man has ever done before, “No-Fap September.”

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It is a cultural movement towards delaying self-gratification for a whole month. In other words, I’m abstaining from masturbation for one month.



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