The First and Last Time I Did Salvia

The Out-of-Body Experience

Joseph Mayuyo
3 min readJul 17, 2022


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Salvia, you b*tch.

I miss this version of myself, one who was so fearless. I would have never thought I would become so anxious until one day at Venice Beach, California. Even the citizens of Los Angeles look at going to Venice Beach as if it were going to be an incredible adventure.

Once you get passed all the rappers trying to sell you copies of their CDs, you enter what seems to be where the 70s decided not to die and stay.

It isn’t like this today, and I don’t need to explain why unless you just woke up from a coma. That’s what I can explain the effect you feel when you’re on Salvia.

There has been a wide awakening to psychedelics in the last years.
It is mainly regarding MDMA (Ecstasy), Psilocybin (Shrooms), Ayuascha, and 5meo-DMT, to name a few.

Salvia is different; even though it is a psychedelic, it’s in the family of the sage plant.

New Age Occultists or (witchcraft) burn sage to eliminate what is unwanted in their interpretation and discernment. History brings us back to times when persons practicing witchcraft were burned alive.
That is partly why the discussion of Salvia is rarely in the forum.

Christianity considers burning sage as a medium for sorcery. Surprisingly, sage is in many products we use today, especially candles. Salvia, sage, and mint all come from the same family. They look identical.

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The past decade has been thrilled with the discovery of DMT. In this article, I’ll refer to Ayuasca and 5meo-DMT as simply “DMT.” If you must know the difference at face value, Ayuasca is administered by drinking, while 5meo-DMT is administered through an apparatus and inhaled.

Every plant psychedelic is carefully looked at because we share a similarity with the plant. For example, methamphetamine does not have a spirit because it’s artificial. What happens when you cut a flower from its root? You killed it. Think about that next time someone gives you…



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